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Continuous integration and Continuous deployment of Blazor application to GitLab page.

It only works with blazor 0.5 + version as GitLab uses linux and there was some issue related to copying files from wwwroot folder on linux machine. (Github issue) If you are reading this post means you are already familiar with Blazor if not There are pretty awesome article out there that defines blazor in clear way. In short as per the official repository Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly


A Year Before and Ahead

With new year on the corner, everyone is writing and planning a roadmap for their next year. I have also decided to review 2017 and plan about 2018. Before this, I was not planning and thinking about what to do in the up-coming next year.


What are things that a new ASP.NET Core Developer should Master and Learn?

Hi , Everyone\ If you are here and reading this article means that you are already familiar with ASP.NET Core and different technologies associated with the ASP.NET Core platform. If you are not familiar with the ASP.NET core please read some article that will make you familiar with ASP.NET Core. Here is the one that I have written.